Sunday, 22 May 2011

Courage the Cowardly Nostalgia

Someone I know recently reminded me of the obscure kids cartoon Courage the Cowardly Dog, you know the ridiculously creepy one that aired during the night on Cartoon Network from 1999-2002, but now is reserved to reruns. I think it just made me sad, I'm not sure if it is just nostalgia speaking or truth, but cartoons like this were so much better a decade ago when I was a kid. I remember watching it and just being a little unnerved by the content, as Courage would find himself faced with horrors that could have only came from the depths of Hell, and it was genuinely an intense 22 minutes each show. The fact that it managed to evoke that with the creepy music, the desolate setting and the generally sinister under and overtones showed the show was made with a lot of love, as was true with a lot of cartoons back then, such as Rugrats or Grim & Evil. Now I don't watch cartoons anymore, and maybe that's my problem but on the rare occasion I do flick past one all you get is something terrible like Ben 10: Ultimate Alien which should have been cancelled a long time ago, as I mean, everything peaks.

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