Friday, 20 May 2011

Quelle Surprise

With the release of Quelle Surprise by Enter Shikari I thought it would be a good way to start off my Blog. I think it's quite natural that I'm a fan, Enter Shikari blend Electronic with Post-Hardcore, and strike the balance perfectly. Quelle Surprise is a good example of what they can do, and personally a relief that they haven't peaked yet. I find the Electronic brings out the softer side of Hard Rock, and the Hard Rock brings out the aggressive side of the Electronic, the result is a wide spectrum of emotions hidden within a Post-Hardcore package. Unfortunately people can't see past the screaming and shouting, which is a shame because they aren't just another Hardcore band that is just shouting about their teenage angst whilst still being in their mid 20s, instead we have songs about gambling addictions, the ruthless Tescos, and Quasar. OK the last wasn't a good example of being a serious band, but it is a good example of creativity, thats for sure. It's quite clear however that they are good artists, simply because the lyrics match the music, and it all has meaning. Did I mention they are completely independent again?

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