Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Anon's Plan

I've never really been into Anonymous, but if this plan's legit then this could be a good year indeed...

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Haven't posted for a while, but Halo 4.

Due to being quite busy these past weeks I have neglected this, but the release of a Halo 4 trailer was easily enough inspiration to start posting again. I love Halo, it's easily better than the Call of Duty franchise which churns game after game out each year, it's lost the passion they had when they made Call of Duty 4. I was quite content for Halo Reach to be the swansong of the Halo series because Halo 3 finished perfectly, but to be fair the idea of a new trilogy does sound brilliant, this is Halo, the most epic Sci-Fi game on the face of the planet, and as long as the developers put in as much effort as in the first trilogy, which they will, it will be amazing. Which reminds me, after the Bungie/Microsoft split who is actually developing this?

 Another piece of good Halo related new is the announcement of Halo anniversary. Now I'm ashamed to admit it, I've only played the Halo games on the 360, not the original Xbox, something I've always wanted to get round to doing, but the idea of dealing with those blocky graphics isn't too appealing, It's do-able but I'd rather they were shiny and new. Well now I can play Halo Combat Evolved on November 15th, fully remastered and updated, the joy!

 Again on the E3 hype has anyone else noticed Assassins Creed has invaded the Youtube homepage again? Oh Ubisoft, you and you're effective marketing.